7 Ways to Save the Planet While Organizing Your Home

Updated: Apr 29

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I don't know about you, but I LOVE Earth Day. Not only is it a day in which we can reflect on how our daily actions and consumption impact our beautiful planet, but for me, it is also the kickstart of so many things. The beautiful weather is coming back, along with the spring flowers, the leaves on the trees, and the birds and the bees (I feel like I'm about to break out into song here!) It's just such a beautiful time of year, and it's also a great time to get started on any organization project you've got on your list.

In saying that, I also believe that, when organizing, it is super important to be mindful of how the process can affect the planet.

To help you, I have compiled a list of 7 ways to save the planet while organizing your home.

1. Don't trash it. Donate it!

We are living in a society that is throwing away more trash than ever. A recent study has found that Canada produces more garbage per capita than any other country on Earth, and it doesn't look like it's improving.

When I go into a client's home to help them declutter, I suggest they sort their items into four categories:

  • Keep

  • Trash

  • Donate

  • Does not belong in the space

Ok. When actual garbage comes along, it goes in the trash. We know this. However, you'd be surprised how many people are quick to throw perfectly usable objects away!

When decluttering my own home, I adopt the Marie Kondo frame of thought and see my objects as having a spirit and feelings. I am essentially getting rid of them because they are no longer serving a purpose in my home, which would probably make them sad. Think of how much worse my objects would feel if they were still functional, and