12 Tips To Get The Family On Board When Organizing Your Home

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When a potential client gets in touch with me to organize their space, I always have them fill out an intake form. On this form, they answer general questions like "What space are you looking to organize?" and "What has motivated you to contact me?". These questions, while super helpful, are not as important as the following ones:

"Who lives in your home?"


"Are they on board with having a professional organizer visit?"

Most people will answer "yes" to the second question; their family is totally on board!

Then why is one of my most frequently asked questions:

"How can I get my family on board with keeping our home organized?"

I wanted to be able to answer that question, but I didn't feel that I could adequately do so on my own. Everybody's home is different and their family dynamics are different as well. So, instead of typing out what works for me and giving advice that I think will be helpful, I decided to question the masses.