Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Nancy Lefebvre

Certified Professional Organizer

Windsor, Ontario

Hello and welcome to Freakishly Neat! I'm Nancy. I'm an educator and mother of two and I've recently discovered my passion for creating organizational systems and streamlining areas in my own home. Like everyone, I was looking to make my everyday tasks a little less daunting and a little more simple so that I could focus on the more important things in life. 

In discovering this passion, I also found that I really wanted to help others achieve the same sense of peace that I would get when I would put areas of my home in order. In that moment, Freakishly Neat was born! 


Organization is not "One size fits all"

I truly believe that organization and feeling a sense of peace within one's home is something that everyone can not only achieve, but that everyone deserves! You are not lazy. You are not a slob. You just haven't found a way of organizing that works for you. That's where I come in.  


During our first meeting, I will have you take a quiz. This quiz, developed by my fellow professional organizer, Cassandra Aarsen, at Clutterbug, will give me some more insight into your personality and what organization style would best suit you. 

Once we have determined your organization style, I will get to work and help you declutter and organize your space in a way that is accessible, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and within budget.